[siox team]

SIOX is a subproject of E-Chalk. E-Chalk and SIOX are currently developed at the Department of Computer Science at Freie Universität Berlin with funding from the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft. The E-Chalk project is headed by Prof. Dr. Raúl Rojas.

SIOX was developed by SIOX Team:
  • Gerald Friedland - Idea and algorithm development, implementations for GIMP and E-Chalk, development of Java API. Now in Berkeley, CA (USA).
  • Kristian Jantz - GIMP plugin implementation and co-development of Java API. Now in industry.
  • Lars Knipping - Experiments on fast CIELAB conversion methods, Demo Applet/Application for SIOX Java API. Now at Technische Universität Berlin.
  • Tobias Lenz - Experiments on fast incremental clustering methods and further algorithm development of GIMP implementation. Now in industry.
The SIOX team wants to thank several people that contributed advice, code, and/or other help:
  • Sven Neumann (Maintainer of the GIMP) - SIOX integration into GIMP
  • Christian Zick - Various testing and production of the demo video.
  • Fabian Wiesel - C++ implementation of SIOX, testing for Robocup.
  • Jenny Ding Jie - Implementation of the SIOX Detail Refinement Brush in GIMP (sponsored by Google Summer of Code)

Copyright 2005, 2006, 2009 by SIOX Team. All rights reserved.