[demo applet instructions]

Please Note:

  • The Applet is here for demonstration purposes only. If you want to use SIOX productively, please try the version of SIOX that has been integrated into GIMP.
  • You need Java 1.4 or higher to run this Applet. If you use a version below 1.4, you will not be able to load images. Which makes the Applet useless.
  • You do not need to agree to the certificate. But if you do, you will be able to load and save images from your hard disk.
  • The Applet does not yet support interactive refinement. Please use GIMP for tricky images.
  • Memory Restrictions: The entire Applet must live in a 64MB virtual machine. This might result in problems when loading bigger images. If you want to load high resolution images, please increase the memory allocation of your virtual machine. This can be done by setting a value like -Xmx1024M as runtime argument in the Control Panel of your Java virtual machine.
  • The Detail Refinement Brush is still an experimental feature: So don't expect too much!


  1. Load an image file, for example by clicking File/Open Resource and selecting one.
  2. Select Region of Interest
    The region of interest must contain the entire object you want to extract and as few background as possible. Drag a box, oval, or lasso around the object with your mouse. Once you have finished making your selection click Apply Selection
  3. Select some known foreground
    Specify one or more representative subsets of the foreground object. These regions must not contain any background pixels. Once you have made a a few markings (in most cases one or two should be enough, use more for really tricky images), choose whether you want to extract one foreground object or several.
  4. Start Seperation
    Now click on Segmentate to start separation. Depending on your hardware, the Applet will give you the result in about a second.
  5. Refine Details
    If you see spill colors at the edges or some details of highly textured regions are missing, you can use the Detail Refinement Brush to fix that. Use the add mode to get back the details of highly textured areas and use the subtract mode to reduce mixed color pixels.

Select the Region of Interest and Press
1. Select region of interest and press Apply Selection.
Add foreground selection
2. Specify representative foreground.
A result
3. Press Segmentate to obtain the extracted foreground.
Refined details
4. Use the Detail Refinement Brush to refine segmentation at sub-pixel level.

Copyright 2005, 2006 by SIOX Team. All rights reserved.