[siox since gimp 2.3.3]

Watch an MPEG-1 demonstration video (4.5 MB) (for the ipod version of the video click here) to see SIOX live in action in GIMP or look at the following snapshots. Please note, that the actual appearance will change as the development goes on. Please click on each image for a bigger version. A current version of GIMP can be downloaded here.

  1. Select the SIOX tool from the GIMP toolbox.

    GIMP Toolbox

  2. Select region of interest
    The region of interest must contain the entire object you want to extract and as few background as possible.

    Select Superset of Foreground

    Once you leave the mouse button your region of interest is shown:

    Preliminary Foreground Extraction

  3. Mark some known foreground
    Now mark representative foreground using the foreground brush. These strokes must not contain any background pixels.

  4. Add Foreground

    Once you leave your mouse button, you will see a refinement of the selection. You can add as many foreground markings as you want, or you can choose to add background markings.

    Add Foreground

  5. Create Selection
    Now press enter to get your selection mask.

    See the Result

    You may now use the object "as if it was real".

    Use the Result

Multiple Object Extraction

SIOX also supports the extraction of multiple objects of similar size and color structure.

Original Picture SIOX Selection Result

The frog and the stone pictures can be downloaded at www.bigfoto.com.

Copyright 2005, 2006, 2009 by SIOX Team. All rights reserved.