[gimp 2.8 preview]

This page shows features that are not yet integrated in the current development version of GIMP. SIOX is able to segmentate with sub-pixel resolution and using non-binary alpha values. This makes it possible, for example, to segmentate hair or other highly detailed textures. The following images show results from the SIOX reference implementation. Click on each image to see the unscaled version.

Detail Refinement Brush

In addition to the add foreground and add background brush, SIOX provides a brush for detail refinement. Using coarse strokes, the brush is used to refine regions where satisfying results cannot be achieved automatically. The left pictures show the result after object extraction, the center images show the brush interaction, and the right photos show the result. The detail refinement brush...

White-Green Mix Border Brush Action Result
...subtracts mix-colors at borders.

Hair after SIOX Brush Action Result
...subtracts spill colors from highly textured regions such as hair.

Tree after SIOX Brush Action Result
...adds highly detailed regions that cannot be extracted automatically.

The tree picture can be downloaded at www.bigfoto.com.

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