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SIOX stands for Simple Interactive Object Extraction and is a solution for extracting foreground from still images with very little user interaction. SIOX is fast, noise robust, and can therefore also be used for the segmentation of videos. It avoids many of the drawbacks of graph-based segmentation methods but performs about equally well on different benchmarks. SIOX is open and free (Apache License) and the authors have intentionally not patented any part of the technology. As a result, it has been integrated into several open-source image manipulation programs over the past years. SIOX is the underlying algorithm of the foreground extraction tool in the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) and is part of the tracer tool in Inkscape. SIOX originates from E-Chalk where an instructor standing in front of an electronic chalkboard is segmented. Variants of SIOX are being used for robotic vision and for improving 3D time-of-flight camera segmentation.

This page demonstrates conceptual research. The behavior in a concrete application depends on implementation details and may be different from what is presented here.

Latest News:
SIOX is now available for Flash. More information can be found here!

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